Friday, April 25, 2008

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008

Last year I won a car during the top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2007 party. I remember being in a daze during the party because I just came from a looooong walk from Ayala to Max's Restaurant. Good thing best friend Anne and Lolo Harry was there with me to keep me calm and collected.

I was fortunately included in the 2007 list and the plaque that was given to me last year is displayed in my Dad's office (home lang). It feels like ages since that party and so much has happened to me as a blogger (I'm also vlogging now!) in the past year. Ahhh, blogging is just really fun, fun, fun!!!

Janette recently announced that she has decided to have another project, the "Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008". To join just 10 blogs you think are "influential", remember the blog should have been created from July 1, 2007 onwards. Hmmm... I hope I meet a lot of new bloggers here at iBlog since I have yet to come up with my list. For more info kindly visit Janette's post.

Happy blogging!

P.S. If you like my shirt you can order from me or JayDJ. If you are shy to leave a comment here, please email me at me at aileenapolo dot com.


  1. hi po...

    as in wow talaga ... you won a car ib blogging..hehehe

    and i love your "pinoy blogger shirt" heheheh

    love you blog po..

  2. Nice shirt :-) How much? I will order ...please

  3. Hi, galing nyo pong video blogger. your presentation po kanina ay maganda, parang maganda po maging vbloger natin po... more power po

  4. ME! I want a shirt!!! (naku, kelan ko pa kaya makukuha. hehe.) I shoulda seen this before today so I could've gotten one from you during iblog.

  5. Anonymous10:25 PM


    I want one shirt too!


  6. Hi Aileen. Thank you for sharing. I hope you will submit an entry also soon.

  7. Pabili po ng "Pinoy Blogger" tshirt. How much?

  8. Hello Aileen,
    Thanks for permitting me to add your blog to my Favorite blogs. I would be honoured if you could add your valuable comment on my blog.
    Gusto ko magkaroon ng shirt nyo, maganda.