Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lessons I Learned from iBlog4

Last year I did a post of the same title for iBlog3 and I'd like to say congratulations first to Janette and the UP College of Law for a very successful and fun-filled iBlog4!

I unfortunately arrived only in time for Juned's talk, but here's a rundown of what I picked up from the speakers:

Juned Sonido, Photo Blogging - if you are passionate about photography then just keep on taking photos! I've been actually bugging him the past few weeks for tips on taking photos and he's given me a couple of reading assignments. It helps!

Jonas Diego, Blog to Print - he shared that he managed to make his passion (which is comics) work for him. His web comics was immortalized in print and he's doing good business as well in making storyboards (shared that bit in Stitching). He also uses his blog to promote his business and hobby.

Coy and me, Podcasting and Vlogging - we weren't able to show our "conclusion" but what we wanted to say is "follow your passion". If you're shy, then try out podcasting, but if you feel like you can wing video blogging, then go! Just do it! Our videos are up, check this out for the podcasting bit and this for vlogging.

Luz Rimban, Manolo Quezon, and Janette Toral, Political Blogging - I agree with what they said that media focuses more on the candidates during elections rather than the real issues. The speakers surmised that blogging about politics will help stir things up and bring out the real issues. They also said that this will work especiallyf or provinces which really don't get any media coverage.

Atty. JJ Disini, Legal Challenges in Blogging - ahhh there are legal challenge in blogging, copyright infringement was much talked about during this segment. Coy and I also mentioned during our talk that one must use original material at all times. JJ also mentioned that in following "fair use" don't quote more than 10% of the whole blog post if you must mention it as a referral. It reminded me of a certain blogger who copied 75% of my post and just said one line about it in the end of his entry. It made me freaking mad! I was supposed to give a short talk about "How to deal with blogger abuse", but due to time constraints (good thing!!!) JJ didn't call me anymore. I have a video for it, I'll probably post it sometime soon in You Got Tech.

Noemi Dado, Blogging for Advocacy - Noemi shared her story about where they tried to show the other side of the Filipina. We all know that when you search for Filipina in search engines, the not-nice side always comes out. I think it's a worthwhile project and should not be shot at because of search engine semantics.

Ria Jose, Blogging from the Countryside - Ria's talk was the most fun talk! I have been to Davao a couple of times and I think it's a more fun place to live in. Manolo asked the question, "What should an outsider do when he comes to visit so that the locals won't be freaked out?" Ahhh, I've experienced that a couple of times since I've managed to visit and meet bloggers from other cities. My tip, just make sure you know somebody in the city you are visiting and make sure you don't come off as someone who's going to dominate the place. LOL.

Here's a short video of my iBlog4 experience!

Up next (well hopefully soon!) will be my video about the party. And here's some photos I took -

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  1. Aha! Pasekreto kang nagshoot ahhh. :)

  2. Hi! How did you find out about this event?
    Is there a mailing list?
    Filipino, as Filipinos speak it

  3. Congratulations again Aileen for a great presentation during iBlog.

  4. ganda. I should take more videos. What editing script do you use? The music pa is quite upbeat.

  5. @jeric pena - of course! ako pa hehehe.

    @V - iBlog happens every year... you'll find out about events by reading blogs and mingling with other bloggers =) - super duper thanks Janette for all your support! You inspire me! =)

    @noemidado - I just use Windows Movie Maker (wala akong Mac eh!) and the music is by Sweetie =)

  6. Nicely done! Thanks for the summary. Even though I was there, too, it was nice to read that and refresh my memory. I wanted to write a summary, too, but I think I had information overload that afternoon... It's hard to try to remember everything I picked up! So, I applaud you. Haha!

    And nice vid, too! ("Oh lookit! It's meeeee~ ...Or the back of my head, anyway.")

  7. @sarah - info overload ba? hehehe. it's the best iBlog ever (methinks). salamat sa pagbisita at pagnood hehe

  8. Hi! Here's my post on my iBlog4 experience, by the way:

    The one linked in your post, Lost Money But Happy, is just a sort of prelude to my entry hehe. :-)