Thursday, January 25, 2024

Mom's Tea Pot and Cups | Vintage

Sorting through my Mom's things continues. I had the decluttering team pack fragile items in separate boxes. Mom had this huge cabinet in the basement with fragile plates, glasses, cups, saucers, serving dishes etc. We brought the boxes with glasses back with us together with the beads (which took me a month to sort!). 

I finally opened the boxes of glassware last Sunday since we spent our day in the living room. I've been eyeing the boxes for awhile now because it's been sitting in the living room. I had a fairly good idea what I'd find in it, Mom's collection of drinking ware for her parties. I was surprised though that the numbers had dwindled. She mentioned the helper had broken most of it (gaaah). Anyway, there's still a lot and they'd be useful since I shamefully don't own that many drinking glasses (sorry to visitors who've had to drink in mugs!).

Mom had been telling me what to keep through the years, so I know more or less which ones have value. I surprisingly found glasses for wine/alcoholic beverages. Some were not familiar to me since I don't drink. I had to take photos to check via Google Lens whether they were for drinking or vases (hahaha). They were all for drinking, so I guess the decluttering team are more familiar than me. This set of glasses I wasn't very familiar with since Mom rarely brought them out (they rarely drank alcoholic beverages). 

What surprised me was the collection of tea pot and cups (haven't found the saucers yet). I vaguely remember seeing the tea pot when I was a child. They soon disappeared and was kept in a cupboard. I checked with Tito Louie if the tea pot and cups were Mom's, my Mama Lola's, or Titay's. He said it was my Mom's. I told him I never saw my Mom drink tea! Haha. He said she probably collected them. 

I spent some time doing research on the tea pot and cups. All were made in England. The sets were incomplete, so I guess some broke already. I couldn't pinpoint the manufacturing date since info on the pot and cups were all over the place. They were all tagged vintage already, so it's not safe us to use. I suspect Mom got the tea pot and cups from an estate sale. She and Titay loved going to those whenever she was in the US. 

I'll keep the tea pot and cups. They look really nice anyway and would remind me of my Mom (even though I never really saw her drink tea), haha. I'm thinking I might put some succulents in the cups as a salute to my Mama Lola. She loved growing succulents and cacti. Mom would probably grudgingly agree. I need to check if I have more pups I can re-pot. 

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