Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Did I Meet My Wellness Goals Last Year?

My main goal last year was to recover and gain more stamina. I did slip and broke my streak. I was confined in the hospital for 3 weeks! Ugh! It started as a simple sore throat and progressed to strep throat. Luckily, the pneumonia was nipped at the bud and I did not have sepsis. Whew! It's really important to know when you should go to the hospital. It was the boys who insisted I should be brought to the ER. 

Lesson learned, I should included not being hospitalized as part of my annual goals. I was doing quite well with my pulmo rehab just before I was hospitalized. I have to re-start it again next week. These were my supporting goals last year:

1. Pray - everyday

2. Be grateful and be grateful for others - everyday

3. Eat well and eat more nutritious food - yes, going back to meal plans next week

4. Lose more weight - my weight finally moved down! I shed off 4-5 kilos last year

5. Complete daily exercises and increase exercise capacity (and try to go out more) - still not everyday

6. Follow doctors orders and do the tests - yes, was a good girl last year

7. Drink meds on time - yes, I feel the effect when I don't, so keeping this religiously

8. Re-start meditation - this is where I failed last year

9. Solidify coping mechanims  - yes! I reached rock bottom when I lost my Mom, so really had to work on this

10. Less social media -  yes, have become so lazy at posting

If I were to give myself a score, I think it would be 8/10. I improved a lot towards the end of the year. Just really need to be mindful and take more precaution at the rare instances I go out. I will use this as I craft my wellness goals for the year :)

What about you? How did things go for your wellness?

#BeKind #StaySafe

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