Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Creative Happy Tuesdays: My Quilter Mom

Mom taught me how to quilt. To be honest I thought it was hard because she loved to do the fan pattern. It looked terribly hard for pre-teen me. She made it very easy for me to learn. I started by piecing together squares. At that time I loved bags, so all the squares I pieced together ended up as bags. I pieced the fabric, Mom took care of sandwiching it in wadding, I did the quilting and then Mom took care of finishing the quilt. 

Mom quilting in Singapore

Mom continued to quilt through the years. Our favorite pasttime whenever she was in Singapore was to go to Spotlight. She quilts really fast though and would soon finish all the fabric we bought. Well, it was a good excuse to visit Spotlight again. She loved to make throw pillows and preferred to make it with lace and fancy ruffles. She wasn't fond of using bias tape even though I got her binding tools. 

My first quilt bag. It's still useful!

I'm not sure how many quilt blankets she made. I have one she made a decade+ ago. It's so pretty and I realized she has a keen eye for matching fabric. She's also very frugal and started quilting by using retaso from Tita Maming's shop. I won't be surprised if I find some of those retasos when we start decluttering her home. 

Mom in my craft room.

Kuya said he opened Mom's tiny vault. He asked me to guess what was in it. My first though was... scissors. And I was correct! She had three pairs of scissors in her vault! Yup! Now you know where I got my fascination of scissors from, my Mom! I've been seeing bits and pieces of her artworks in our home. There's an unfinished pouch which I was supposed to add a zipper to. A pad tray made of rolled up paper. Of course, the blanket. Outdoors, I have plants she gave to us, so we're surrounded by what she loved. 

Going to miss those quiet times we'd spent busy with our hobbies. She taught me so many things when I was growing up and that's how I came to love crafting. Her hands though are more nimble than mine, but I'm grateful she taught me because I know that part of me came from her. 

Miss you Ma. 

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