Friday, December 22, 2023

What We Thought of the Gashapon Place in Mitsukoshi

Visited the Gashapon place in Mitsukoshi a few weeks ago. We had planned to visit it in November, but we know where that month went. Anyway, we ended up dining at Mitsukoshi after my check-up. We were hungry since waiting for the doctor took so long. Well, that gave us an excuse to eat at Mitsukoshi and visit the Gashapon place. 

I had my doubts about going since I've thoroughly enjoyed gashapon stations in Japan. I frequented them whenever I went to Akihabara and also at the airport. Before going home from Singapore I found a lot of the gashapon balls. I didn't bring them home anymore since I really don't have use for it. I just kept the toys and trinkets I got while in Japan (it was a good way to use coins before leaving Japan hehe). I have nice Star Wars and Pokemon stuff from the gashapon I frequented in Japan. 

Anyway, so my expectations was high since they had the Bandai brand plastered all over the place. Went through all the aisles, but was sorely disappointed. Miggy also just found some Gundam paint. I wasn't sure though if they would carry Star Wars or Pokemon, but I was hopeful. Bandai carries Pokemon Nanoblock toys. I didn't find any Star Wars toys on their website. 

I didn't stay long and asked the boys to park me in front of Daiso since they have nice seats there. I was already tired from the short walk (this was just a few days after I got discharged). Daiso was a feast to the eyes. While in Singapore I used to have a SGD10 monthly allowance for anything I wanted to buy at Daiso, hahaha. Luckily went home unscathed this time since I didn't really need anything. 

Gashapon? Just skip it if you've been to Japan. 

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