Saturday, December 23, 2023

Miggy's Leche Flan

Ahh, Christmas is just a day away and for our last "Recipes for My Son" video I thought I'd share Miggy's leche flan. He finally agreed to film it the other day (took me months to convince him!). He was still perfecting it I guess, haha.

It was Titay who taught him how to make leche flan. I remember we were still living with my parents that time. Titay also moved in with us and so I snagged the chance to have her teach Miggy how to make leche flan. 

Miggy eventually started making it at home and I found this old photo of him. This was back in 2011 and I think it was his first time to make it on his own. He's our designated leche flan maker and I only learned how to make it when we were apart during the pandemic. 

Found a few cans of Alaska condensed and evaporated milk which we got for free from the Coffee Home Brewers event. Got some eggs and asked Miggy to make us some leche flan. We'll make a second batch this weekend so we don't waste the milk (we'll giveaway some hehe). 

And yes, Miggy has perfected his leche flan. Our favorite since it's not too sweet. Here's how he makes it.

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