Wednesday, December 20, 2023

My Favorite Meal Plan Provider So Far

I gave myself a pat on the back when I weighed myself yesterday. I was at my lowest weight for the year. My weight constantly goes up and down everyday. It depends whether it's a diuretic day. I weigh to make sure I'm not retaining fluid. Well, it was a very good day yesterday since it was the lowest weight I've recorded this year. Yay!

My cholesterol went up a bit a few months ago and my doctor gave me a deadline to lower it. I have to admit I ate whatever I want after losing Mom. I found comfort in eating my usual bagets favorite food. After that wake-up call, I immediately signed up for a meal plan. 

One of Sexy Chef's meals

I previously tried Isabel's meal plan, but it was too hardcore veggie for me. My blood type requires me to eat more veggies, but I'm very picky with it. Then I tried Sexy Chef. It was good in the beginning and I had it for a few months. We also got ala carte viands for the boys. Eventually though the food started tasting the same. I would end up donating a huge part of my meal to Sweetie. That meant it was time to switch. 

Decided to try Fit Food Manila. I signed up for a meal plan after my first admission and had to put it on hold because I was admitted again. Good thing they understood and resumed when I finally got out. I wasn't able to enjoy the first week of meals. My tonsils were still bit wonky. The variety of food though was very interesting so I signed up again. 

Fit Food Manila meal

I'm now on my third week and I'm so far happy with what they send me. They usually publish their menu ahead of time, so I'm able to have the meal changed if I'm allergic to an ingredient. I like the variety and flavor of the meals. I'm on the 1,200 calorie heart meal plan and my tummy has adjusted to the amount of food provided. So far I haven't donated anything to Sweetie yet, hahaha.

We have a free pass next week and I think the week after. Two weeks of cheat days since the provider will be on break (and who wants to be on a meal plan during Christmas???). Well, hopefully I won't over-eat. My tummy has already been trained to eat smaller meals. We plan to cook our own food including our noche buena and media noche. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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