Friday, July 21, 2023

Mid-year Bucket List Check!

So... I got distracted last week while doing my mid-year review. I forgot about Friday and Saturday! Took a look at the list I made last January to see if I have made a dent on my bucket list. To be honest we're still very cautious about going out. We only do whenever there's a check-up and for very important errands that can't be done online. Well, let's take a look if I made any progress on my bucket list -

1. Monthly grocery run (or every 3 weeks is fine). 

More like every 6 weeks which is fine since I'm only able to cook once a week if I have good days. 

2. Brunch date with my boys. 

Yes, especially when we have check-ups, haha. We also do this the rare times we really go out to do groceries.

3. Get to dine at my favorite YouTube chefs restaurant (i.e. Chef Tatung, Chef RV etc.) and try out other interesting food places. 

We planned to visit Chef RV's resto in Binan, but apparently they only do take-away. The other one might happen soon. We so far got to explore some places in the south and BGC.  

4. A domestic destination that requires a flight (we still need to use Sweetie's travel fund!). 

We were able to squeeze in 2.5 destinations with Sweetie's travel fund! We were able to visit Bacolod and Bohol (2x). Not bad huh. 

5. The beach, maybe Batangas or Subic 

Well, we went to the beach in Bacolod and Bohol. This item though refers to a road trip. 

6. Baguio!

Probably need to set this to somewhere nearer. I still want to go to Baguio, but will have to get clearance for long car ride from my doctors. 

7. Celebrate special occasions somewhere nice. 

We were able to celebrate the birthdays of the boys in Bohol. Up next will be my birthday. Will probably stay put since the weather has been unpredictable.

8. Visit my fave malls! Glorietta, SM and Landmark (haha, yes, I've been home since 2021 but have not visited even the nearest SM to me!). 

We've been able to visit Glorietta very briefly, but not Landmark, SM Makati and the nearest SM to us. Funny thing is we've been able to visit their counterparts in the south, haha. 

9. Explore my home city more. 

Hasn't happened. Traffic is terrible so we've been exploring the south more. 

10. Of course, visit nearby churches.

Just so far our parish church. 

Score: 6/10

Have to do better about doing outdoor activities since I'm vitamin D insufficient, haha. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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