Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Retaso Essential Oil Holder

I've been itching to create something the past two weeks. I couldn't gauge though if my arm has healed, but since it's not been hurting I thought I'd do something quick and easy. The oil blend rollers in my medicine box have been rolling all over the place. I couldn't find anything that could keep it in place with my other stuff in the box. Got something from Daiso the other day, but that didn't work either. 

Thought I'd make something that could hold my oils. Found a strip of pieced denim fabric. It was a leftover from my food processor cover project. It was pretty useless for anything else, but I thought it would be useful for my mini project. It was too long so I shortened it. 

The scrap already had wadding and backing. I quilted it and binded part of it. Added some cloth and it turned out like this -

I know it's got a weird shape, but it worked. My oil blend rollers are now set in it's nook in my medicine box. It was a mini project that satisfied my craving to create something. Unfortunately, my arm started hurting again, so I have to work on getting it fixed and probably see an ortho this weekend. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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