Thursday, March 16, 2023

Throwback Thursday: Bag Memories

We've been working on decluttering our home. Our coach had 7 boxes of bags sorted by her team to make it easier for us to decide which to keep and donate. We sat down the other night to go through all the bags. Much as we'd like to keep some as souvenirs there's just a lot. So I thought I'd write about some of the interesting ones I've used through the years. 

Here's a few I managed to take photos of. Most of it has been sent for recycling. 

Thought I'd mark some that hold special memories. I finally gave up my super favorite backpack. I don't remember how I got it (haha), but this one traveled the world with me. It carried all the laptops I used for work for over a decade. I loved it because it was light and sturdy. It had a few tears, but I think it's still going to be useful for the Lalamove driver who picked up the boxes for donation. Goodbye Mr. Belkin, enjoy your new adventure.

Startup Weekend Davao schwag bag. It came with a mug and I'm still using the mug! I super enjoyed attending this Startup Weekend. Don't remember though whether I mentored or judged, haha. 

The only schwag that Yahoo every gave me, an eco-bag and a handkerchief. I think this was a freebie from an event. The hanky was given to me by Jonas. It's still with Sweetie. 

If you're a blogger from the 2009/2010 era, then this bag would be very familiar for you. The huge Geiser Maclang schwag bag was a staple for a lot of bloggers. We got all sorts of goodies with this bag. It was pretty sturdy too and we used it extensively to bring stuff around. 

Do you remember Lola Techie? Well, this I think was a giveaway during the event when they launched the character in 2009 (see here). That was a super fun campaign. 

I'm going to review the ones we decided to keep. I think we could downsize more and let others enjoy the pre-loved items (especially the cloth eco-bags). I didn't take photos anymore of the hand bags I gave up. I just kept a few since I rarely go out, plus I think others can benefit and enjoy them more. It also gives me the opportunity to make some new ones! 

#BeKind #StaySafe


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