Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Huge Home Appliance Cover

My rainbow colored fabric always gives me good vibes. The color is just so happy so I thought it would be nice to use it to create a quilt cover for my oxygen concentrator. It's a huge medical device my doctor required me to have and I didn't realize it would be so big. It was parked beside my side of the bed. I use it when my O2 goes below 94. 

I haven't used it for awhile and it looked odd in our bedroom. I also don't like to be reminded I have a medical device. To relive myself of the constant reminder I quickly put together a cover for it. The cover was huge, so I simplified the process and just cut up squares to make up the whole project. 

I didn't have a pattern and made a mistake with my measurements. I made up for the size gap by adding a strip of fabric. I had fun piecing together the cut fabric, but assembling the whole piece got gnarly. Good thing I had a lot of clips to hold it together. I also did temporary stitches to make it easier to bind. 

Turned out pretty well. I realized just now I need a second one because I need to wash the cover every so often. I think I'll make a monochrome one next time so it doesn't clash with my new blinds. 

Tutorial and pattern at:

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