Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Harry Potter Lap Quilt

I have collected some character fabric over the past few years. When I was about to leave Singapore I made lap quilts for some of my friends. A friend collected Harry Potter books, so I thought I'd make a Harry Potter lap quilt for him. It would be unique and one of a kind. 

Made the design simple to make sure I finished it before we left. I matched the fabric with solid colors to make it eye catching. Quickly pieced the cut fabric together and worked to finish it for a few days. I focused more on the sewing and actually forgot to take a proper photo of the finished work, haha (also why the video tutorial is very short).  

Gifted the lap quilt the day before we left. The next day my friend sent me photos of Lily, his pet dog. Lily had commandeered the lap quilt. She looked so cute on the quilt. He said she's a Harry Potter fan. I'm glad she liked it and hope she's still enjoying the quilt. 

Here's how I made it -

More about how to make the lap quilt on my sewing blog -

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