Saturday, May 30, 2020

Thinking of Colourful Sunsets and Blue Water

I spent the entire day in the kitchen today. It was a rare time that I woke up with Sweetie did. I let him sleep some more, slipped out of bed and went to the kitchen to cook kamote cue for the first time. I took my sweet time and also started to prepare the ingredients for today's bread project.

My kitchen is small and pretty cramped so whenever I'm there I think about large open spaces. Today I was thinking about going to the beach. I love going to the beach and good think we had a chance to visit Bohol after Christmas. I miss swimming though and I haven't swam since March.

For me the most beautiful sunsets are in the Philippines. Anywhere you go there you are sure to see a gorgeous one. I super love the ones you see from a beach front. Here's some from around the world -




I like being in water and when I was small they used to call me kutong tubig. It was always hard to get me out of the water. I wish they would lift the closure of pools here so I can fulfill my homework to swim several times a week (it's a doctor's requirement).

I love going to the beach and I should do it more often. That was part of my original plan for this year. The pool will make do for now. Maybe if I get too antsy I could just use the bathtub for now haha.




I love walking on sand. I miss how it tickles the soles of my feet. I enjoy making sandcastles and just sitting by the shore. I like waiting for the tide to change and this was the reason why I always took so long to get out of the water when I was a child. I miss seeing schools of tiny fishes dart so fast through the water.

A few years ago I went to the beach with my high school friends and Anne. The water was just half a meter and we spent many hours just sitting out there. I wish I could do that again with my girl friends someday.

What about you? Do you like going to the beach? Do you love sunsets?

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