Monday, May 27, 2024

Cute Pokemon Items

We have a small collection of Pokemon collectibles. We have a few Pokeballs and some gachapon figures which I got in Japan. My favorite though are the keychains you can add to your bag zippers. I had a Ditto which I unfortunately lost during a trip. We used to have a bigger collection (Miggy's). Unfortunately, all of them perished during Typhoon Ondoy. 

My prized Pokemon possession though is a pair of sneakers. I got it three years ago when we were still in Singapore. I still use it and match it with a Pokemon shirt and earrings. I should clean up the sneakers so I can wear it when I see my doctor, haha. 

Recently, we got two cups from Serenitea. They're so cute! It's just actually a sticker placed on the cup. It's cute, but we're not sure if we'll use it as a cup since the sticker will likely fall off after a lot of washing. Anyway, it's still cute, so we'll likely just add it to our collection. 

Do you collect Pokemon items? 

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