Friday, May 24, 2024

Wendy's, Coming Soon in Our Neighborhood!

A few months ago we saw an old building in our area demolished. They put up posters announcing that a Wendy's restaurant will soon rise in the area. Months passed and we eagerly awaited for it to be built. It's been 8 weeks I think since I passed the area and I was surprised to see the building has been built! 

They also put up a tall Wendy's signage which can be seen from afar (Chowking's higher though). I think when they finally turn on the lights we'll be able to see it from our home. I'm glad our neighborhood will have Wendy's again. There used to be one in SM Bicutan. I remember because we used to go there with my Mom and Dad. 

There are a lot of new establishments in our neighborhood. There's a lot of SME food providers and most of what we need is available in the area. SME businesses have extended far into what we used to call the "Fastract" area (a.k.a. Dona Soledad extension). The extension was almost empty when I did my driving lessons back in the late 90s. We also only passed by there as an alternative to go to the airport. 

Next time I'll take a video when we pass through Dona Soledad. I used to spend time mapping the area. There's probably a lot of things to update on the map now. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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