Thursday, May 9, 2024

It Finally Came for Me

Last night Sweetie took my temperature. It was once again 39'C+. It was very unusual for me not to respond to the meds I've been religiously taking since Monday. I did a quick search to find out how many days of having fever should you go to the hospital. Three to four days especially if the fever is above 39.4'C.

When Sweetie told me all our cats, including Kaley, Grey and the Intruder, were in the garage, I felt they were worried. Having all the cats at the same time in one place has never happened before. I told Sweetie I thought it was time to go to the hospital.

Arrived at the hospital at 2 in the morning. Luckily it wasn't a busy night. Did a work up and an antigen test. We've been taking all precautions to avoid catching COVID-19. Well, it finally caught up with me after avoiding it for four years.

Save for the high fever, dry cough and sniffles, I don't feel that bad. I probably got lucky with a milder strain. I felt much worse when the boys had COVID-19. I felt really bad back then but didn't turn out positive. 

The boys are going to be tested too just to be sure. I'm in good hands with my doctors and trust they will take care of me. I just hope I don't end up in the hospital for three weeks again!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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