Monday, January 22, 2007

A Yellow Evening

Christmas ain't over yet for me since I missed a lot of holiday gimmicks because of my trip. Every few months or so my colleagues/friends from E-Yellowpages get together to catch up, reminisce, help someone in need, fix a wedding or we get together just to have a few drinks. Of course, Christmas is not complete without a get-together. We finally had our Christmas gimmick last January 18, Thursday at Giligan's, Market Market.

What's great about my colleagues-turned-friends is we never miss a beat. When we get together it's as if we still see each other everyday. We may be working for different places now, live in far-flung places (Laguna, Caloocan, Paranaque... we're literally apart), live different lives, but there is a bond that would always be there. Most of us have moved on to greener pastures:

Jap - Sykes, still very much the same (I miss your Monday morning stories!) / Dave - DMCI with a baby in the way / Ruth - housewife and hoping for a baby / Portia - Market, Market (I miss our lunch chikahan!) / Anne, Haydee and Jako are still with DPC / Eug - Digitel / me - Google

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