Sunday, January 14, 2007

Peter Pan at the CCP

I watched Peter Pan last night with Miggy. I wasn't feeling well and was quite skeptical about the show, but I got the tickets and invited friends to watch with me so we still watched.

Blurbs from the flyer claimed "Whatever you remember as a kid - pump it up 10 times!" (South China Morning Post), "Young and old gasped in delight!" (Straits Times)...

After hurried phone calls to my friends who were stuck in traffic at the Mall of Asia, Miggy and I ran to catch the start of the show. The beginning of the show was your usual chorus, intro of characters yada-yada. What was astounding was Peter Pan flying down from the "heavens". Cool, I thought. Miggy was so delighted with all the aerial acrobatics. I was excited about it, but I couldn't help but think how dangerous it was for the kids flying all over the place. What if the line broke? (Knock on wood...).

The last Peter Pan movie I watched were the ones done with Robin Williams (Hook) and the one directed by P.J. Hogan (Peter Pan). I grew up with Peter Pan as one of my bed time stories. The play presented a little bit of a twist to the story. It was a battle of survival where Captain Hook had to be convinced to believe in fairies to save Neverland. The story line was stable, sound, but I think it could've used a bit of fast forwarding. I couldn't also understand some of the words being sung. Some of the performers' voices were hoarse.

What awed me really was the set. If it weren't for the set I would've thought I was watching a high school production, although the aerial acrobatics was fabulous, I think some other Pinoy performers would've done a better job. But since the show delighted Miggy it was worth watching for me.

One sad thing though, my friends didn't make it to the show because of the extraordinary traffic caused by the Pyrotechnics Show at the Mall of Asia. They were stuck there for more than 3 hours! Only about half of the theater was filled, I think the producer should be more considerate in allowing those who didn't make it last night to get their money's worth. It's not as if they were irresponsible in not being able to make it. Traffic was out of control! A lot of those who got tickets for last night did not make it because of the heavy, heavy traffic. I hope the producer gives some consideration for those who missed the show last night.

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