Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Confession

My friends have been complaining lately on why it's so hard to drag me out of the house to have dinner on a weeknight. No, it's not because there's work the next day. It's not because I'm not allowed to go out (my parents have been pushing me out the door lately actually). It's not because I'm financially-challenged. It's because of this:

"I... NEVER... SAID... that I love you."

If you know where that line came from then you must admit, you're hooked too.

Yes, I'm addicted to watching MSKM. I watch it every single night. And tonight my heart was broken. Jackie bumped her head (for the third time!) and finally remembered everything. And then she left Ely. Sniff sniff.

And I thought she promised Ely "mamahalin kita, maging sino ka man".

Sigh... nakaka-tense!

I stopped watching telenovelas more than a year ago. I didn't even watch the beginning of MSKM. Waste of time I thought. I don't remember how I got to watch it. I think it was my Mom who said she found it interesting. Well, since my Mom doesn't really watch telenovelas I thought that was a good compelement and tried watching. And then I got hooked. So much for spending that time to read.

What I love about Filipino telenovelas though are the happy endings. I remember they had to change the ending of Lovers in Paris here because it wasn't really a happy ending in the Korean version.

Well, whatever the elixir they put in MSKM to get me and many of my friends hooked, there's one thing to remember: If you love that person, magpakatotoo ka sister or brother nang di ka maging loser. Haha.

Cheers! I hope Jackie and Ely get together again soon. Masyado nang nakaka-tense!


  1. Hahaha! Well, Sana Maulit Muli is my telenovela of choice. I have hit an all-time low and I actually downloaded a screen saver!!!

  2. John Lloyd and Bea forever! Hahaha. I like Gerard and Kim too! :)