Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pare, Dude, Repapips!

Wow pare... dude... repapips... high ako!

I've been repainting my basement for the past two nights. And it's addicting! Not because of the acrid smell of quick drying enamel, but because of the workout I'm getting. Plus it helps take my mind off things.

Who said painting was easy? Last night the floor looked like a dalmatian. Good thing I put newspaper on it, but still there were quite a number of spots here and there. So today I got myself some roller thingies. Made things easier, but i ended up having tiny spots all over my arm. I'll never be an expert painter. But hey, it's fun. I think I'll do the whole basement myself. Hmmm...

Welcome to the world Maria Elisa Pasigan. Ottie and Elmer are now full-pledged parents! I'm so excited to visit them and see my new niece. And welcome to the world to Marie's baby girl! Two babies in two days! And in a few months my best friend, Tappy's going to give birth too. And there's Dave also. Both of them are still going through the paglilihi stage and I'm IT. So my weight's been fluctuating a lot in the past month. I hope I stay thin!

Bad Day's playing again. Now I can't imagine why I was in a rut last week. To think I was so busy with work. Still am. But I'm happy again. I guess I managed to find my purpose, again.

November 17, 2006, 12:15 a.m.

Manila, Philippines

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