Sunday, November 5, 2006

Big Things from Small Talk

Published in THE BEADS Volume II Issue 8
Written on October 30, 2006

Rule #1: Always dream big.

Rule #2: Don’t mingle with negative people.

The Ultimate Rule: Always pray.

It’s been a long while since I last saw my buddies from college. We each had our own excuses for not staying in touch. And so after so many years of not seeing each other we had a mini-reunion at Joe’s wedding.

It was a fascinating Chinese wedding. The brilliant hues of magenta and the apple green motif matched well the warmth I felt in the simple, yet very elegant (and expensive!) celebration. The years just faded away as we updated each other. Between the wedding ceremony and the reception we managed to have some time off at a little coffee shop by CCP.

And that’s where I re-learned two very simple things. Rule #1 and Rule #2.

Brin, a multi-awarded advertising agency professional, had very big dreams back in college. He was a chemistry graduate, but because of his talent he is now known for the catchy commercials he pens. His father was murdered last year and he was thrust with the responsibility of looking over his son, mother and two sisters. Adding to that was the burden of finding out that their house was mortgaged without their knowledge. Because of this, Brin thinks his grand dreams are unreachable. He thinks he’ll be saddled with problems forever.

Al, the guy took seven years to finish college. Transferring from one course to another, ended up having to finish his studies at another school. All these years he’s been jumping from one venture to another, from longganisa to video gaming. We all thought he’d never get anywhere.

I was surprised with Brin’s sharing. I was really It never occurred to me that he would think that way because he’s successful, even multi-awarded. Al then started talking about how he managed to change his mindset. He admitted that he was a wanderer before. He kept planning and planning, but never got anything implemented. Why? Because the people he spent time with were negative. They always told him he’d never make it and the things he planned were not going to get off the ground. And then Al shared that he is actually implementing the things he had planned, starting with a video game he’s making to an exciting movie food-to-go stall he’s about to launch.

It was then that Brin’s mood started to change. He realized that he’d been spending too much time with people who were negative. Co-workers complaining about their jobs, his mother who kept saying they should just live in a `barong-barong’ to other people who were just stuck in the grind of day-to-day living. He also realized he had stopped dreaming. He went home that night a changed person.

Surprising what you can get out of attending a wedding. To think the groom was someone (1) who we all thought won’t get married (ever) and (2) won’t ever set foot in a Church. Well, the groom (1) is the first guy to get married in our group and (2) he was the one who chose and made the arrangements to get married at the Manila Cathedral.

God really moves in mysterious ways. In everything we go through there is only one ultimate solution: PRAYER.

And so brings us to the first year anniversary of THE BEADS. Starting off last year at a small writing workshop, we’ve managed to publish seven issues. Believe me, we have undergone through a lot of sleepless nights, begging, close calls, tears and negative feedback to come out with THE BEADS. And hasn’t been easy, but it is a calling.

We bring you Volume II of THE BEADS with a special on the Parish Fiesta, plans of the Parish Pastoral Council and a little feature on the staff of THE BEADS.

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