Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Craft Room New Look Coming Soon!

Cabinet installation has finally started! I've been dreaming of having a proper craft (maker) room for many years now. I've been working on my projects where there is available space. The past few months my craft room has seen many changes. I got two cabinets to hold my stuff, but clutter easily piles up. I want a space that where I could properly organize my stuff. It's also my safe room whenever air quality goes bad, so it has to be secure. 

Just before we emptied the room.

The space for my craft room is small. I originally wanted floor to ceiling cabinets, but realized that it would make the room feel stuffy. So I asked if the middle part can be made into a desk since I do other stuff too. I want my art materials and stickers accessible. 

Original plan was to keep it open, then I wanted it closed.

The architect suggested to have drawers at the bottom instead of plain cabinets. I agreed since it would be easier to organize knick-knacks in drawers. Originally also thought I'd keep the cabinets open or use glass, but after using glass steel cabinets for many months I grew tired of the busy background. I sold the steel cabinets to a friend. 

The final cabinet that will hold my craft stuff.

Aside from the cabinet I'm having a design wall installed. We're just going to DIY it with flannel and foam board. The design wall will help me look at the design while I'm piecing the quilt. I'm also considering putting a rod on top of the design wall to make it easier to take photos of my projects. 

I decided not to make a new sewing table since the one I got from Spotlight is still useful. I'll probably have one made in the future when the existing one becomes unusable. I'm so excited to have proper cabinets for my craft room! Yay!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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