Thursday, November 17, 2022

Throwback Thursday: High School Friends

It's been more than three decades since I've been in high school. Some of my schoolmates have been my friends since we were 8 years old. Funny thing is I've been so bad at remembering the birthdate of one of my friends. I always thought it was November 16. So for many decades I'd always greet her on the 16th. I was only corrected because of FB. Her birthday is actually on November 15. 

Missing one here, I think she took the photo.

I greet her on the 15th when our other amigas send their greetings. Sometimes it's really hard to teach old dogs new tricks. I'm lucky my friend is one of the nicest people in the world. We weren't the popular kids back in HS, not the brainiest ones, and not exactly the most quiet ones. I guess we were the reliable, regular kids. 

We were happy in our own little world. We had our baon and ate at the lunch counter everyday. We'd sometimes go to the canteen to buy a drink or additional food or ice cream. Even until now we always eat whenever we meet up. 

Most memorable though was a tradition we started in HS. We'd celebrate Valentine's together. We spent a night in a friend's house and had a measly dinner at a Japanese restaurant. "Measly" because we only each saved up 100 pesos to dine out. We ended up hungry and ate again at my friend's house. Hahaha. We continued the tradition for many years. 

Our parents were very strict, but they allowed us to spend a night in each others house. The five of us would squeeze in each other's bedrooms. I don't remember anymore what we'd do, but it was always fun. To celebrate times we'd purchase matching blouses/pajamas. Last time we did this was in HK when we got matching bear pajamas. 

It's been very hard to bring all of us together in the past decade. One already lives in China, I just moved back here. We were supposed to meet up a few months ago, but schedules and COVID-19 got in the way. We decided to do it another time when it's safe. I hope it happens before one of us becomes a lola, hahaha. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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