Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Creative Happy Tuesdays: Moving Back In the Maker Room

We've actually been calling my craft room, "The Maker Room". I've been using the room for sewing and other hobbies, so I thought it would be more appropriate to call it a maker room. After removing the two huge cabinets, we were able to have the new cabinets installed.  

Over the last few days, I started moving back in the maker room. The boys brought in my sewing table and the fabric I boxed two weeks ago. I previously had 2 huge glass cabinets and an Ikea cabinet. It housed all my fabric, but not the other sewing materials. 

I looked at a lot of craft rooms of other quilters. The plan was to have floor to ceiling cabinets, but I realized I needed desk space. We changed the cabinet design two weeks before the scheduled renovation. Included a desk area and replaced the bottom part with drawers. 

Still a bit messy now, but I've been able to resume sewing.

Unboxed the fabric and managed to fit them in the two end cabinets. I put my favorite rainbow colored fabric in the middle cabinet. After that I worked on removing the other sewing materials from the boxes I shipped them on. Almost everything surprisingly fit! The only thing that I'll have to store somewhere else are the wadding and a bag handles box since they are bulky. 

I've decided to get some native boxes from Magayon Handmade for the items I'm storing on top of the cabinet. I'm still thinking about what kind of lighting to use for the cabinet cove. I also probably need a floor lamp so I could see what I'm doing better. One thing we'll install also is a design wall. It will make it easier for me to organize my quilt projects. 

I'm aiming to finish organizing the room by month end or whenever they finish renovating the bathroom. I'm turning it to a powder room since I don't use it anyway to shower. :)

#BeKind #StaySafe 

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