Monday, January 10, 2022

Don't Be a Lame Duck

Election period started yesterday. That means more checkpoints around the country (aren't they permanently there already?). This means the official campaign period is just around the corner. I've been seeing a lot of posters around already for those running locally. A lot of them took advantage of the Christmas season with greetings from their families. If you really do well, people will recognize your work and you don't really need to do posters. 

I made a list of how I assessed candidates back in 2016 (read here). I based it on the job description as written in the 1987 Philippine Constitution. My candidate lost and sadly the current administration did not do a good job based on the basic JD from the constitution. I will follow that list and thought I'd add a values list. 

1. I will not vote for a lame duck. A lame duck is someone who gives a gazillion excuses just to get out of a tight spot. Quack, quack, quack. Usually they just make a lot of noise noh

2. I will only vote for someone who has a clean record. Our leaders should have integrity and credibility. Palabra de honor.

3. I will only vote for someone who has really made contributions to improve the lives of the people. 

4. Definitely not voting for someone who is self-centered and selfish. I want someone who works hard.

5. Definite no-no to those who are pakitang tao

6. Someone who can enable change and get those who can help to support programs. Bayanihan.

7. Respectful and courteous. I've had enough of vile talk. 

8. Someone we can be proud of when representing us internationally. Let's find someone who can be a good role model.

9. Peace loving. 

10. Someone who prays. 

Halfway while making the list I looked up the list of basic Filipino values. Most of what I was thinking about covered it. Other people have the opinion that we need a strong leader. Someone who has an iron fist. I heard that from a lot of taxi drivers in SG. I disagree. I believe that we can progress better with cooperation and working as a community. 

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