Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Love + Bayanihan + Community = Filipino Resilience

We've been avidly watching vlogs of foreigners living in the Philippines. There's Becoming Filipino, Kumander Daot, Finnsnow and the Eight Miles from Home. I think we started watching their journey in late 2020//early 2021. It's been fun seeing them experience life in the Philippines. They've experienced the good and the bad, but what struck me is how much love they're giving back to the country. 

The vloggers all live in Visayas and Mindanao and they were all affected by Typhoon Odette. They've been sharing what's happened on ground and have been extending help as well. Kulas and Anselm traveled to Dinagat Islands and you could really see the devastation, more than what's normally seen in the news. The British family of Eight Miles from Home, despite having the means to leave Siargao, decided to stay and help.

When you watch the vlogs, you could feel how much they love our country. They're showing it by helping where they can. What I appreciate also is seeing how the local communities work together. Normally it's just mentioned in the news how the AFP, DSWD, DOH, barangays etc. work together. I got better appreciation on how things are done on ground from the vlogs. 

I also learned from them that the key to rebuilding and healing communities who go through disaster is love. Jay of Eight Miles from Home mentioned in one of his vlogs that the local community would come together and rebuild the house of each other at no cost. He said if it happened in the UK, you'd have to get a contractor to fix things for you. Finn also had the same observation. 

One common thing they all mentioned is seeing "Filipino resilience" in action. Jay mentioned in their vlog that it's probably a good lesson for Story to learn about it as well. I guess we naturally learned it because we all experience typhoons (so don't coddle your kids!). We naturally help each other because of love. And that's what probably what makes up Filipino resilience which we are known for (I wrote about it here).

#BeKind #StayHome

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