Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Making a T-shirt Quilt Blanket to Preserve Memories

Woke up with a slight fever again. Grrrrr! I don't feel unwell though, just warm. This means I need to adjust my day again. I was planning to start working on my tshirt quilt blanket. It's been waiting to be worked on for 3 years now! 

I started cutting shirts when I was on break in late 2019. Brought back the shirts in Singapore and thought I'd be able to work on it. Nope, got busy with work and then I focused on finishing other quilt projects first. Thought I'd be able to start working on it during quarantine, but I ended up just sleeping during the six days we were stuck in a hotel, haha. By now, the project has been through six "homes" - previous home in Paranaque, 2nd to the last flat in SG, last flat in SG, quarantine hotel, back to previous home in Paranaque and now new home. It's one well traveled project! 

Now the old tshirts I cut up are finally on my makeshift sewing table. I did some planning the other night with Miggy. I normally get his help to match colors. We decided to use denim for the borders since I'm using tshirts. It should make it look more cohesive that way. 

I collected all the shirts I got since 2006. They are all precious to me and hold so many memories. I could probably tell a story out of each tshirt. Most though don't fit me anymore. I'm only able to wear now the recent ones I got. I'm quite sentimental so I thought I'd preserve the shirts by making a blanket. I hope it turns out okay.

Not to worry about the retaso from the shirts. I gave it to my Mom and she's created stuff out of it. She's really more creative than me. It will take awhile to finish this quilt project since some additional steps have to be done to stabilize the fabric. I can go on and on about it, but I'll just make a video sa takdang panahon haha. I hope it doesn't take me two years to finish!

While the cats are away, the mouse will play! Haha. 

#BeKind #StayHome

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