Thursday, January 22, 2009

Giving Up Jolly

It's a very sad day for me.

Remember Jolly?

We had to give her up even though we did not want to. She grew so big and we realized that we cannot give her the proper care she needs (regular walks at the very least). I haven't even been able to play with her for the longest time since I've been having daily bouts of asthma. Miguel's out during the day because of class and it really pains us to have her in a cage most of the time (she keeps uprooting my Mom's plants and ransacks everything in site). 

She's now with a family friend, just down the street and we can visit her anytime. But it's not going to be the same. I'll miss hearing her play with her squeaky toy late at night. And I'll also miss hearing her thrash around her bowl (a kaldero since plastic and regular dog bowls only last 3 days with her).

I wasn't even able to hug her before she left. Mom made sure Miguel and I were not home when she was brought to the neighbor =(

Sometimes you just really need to give up someone you love so that they could be happier =(