Sunday, January 4, 2009

Your Luck is in the Stars


Year-in, year-out we always get all these forecasts from "prominent" manghuhulas and they're all over the news and most talk-shows. I have to admit I used to be crazy over reading my horoscope every day through the newspaper, Friendster and even had it delivered to my mail. That was about 6 years ago when my life was really going crazy. 

This morning our parish priest gave a very interesting homily about the not-so-three-kings-but-they-are-maggis. He said that we have erroneously interpreted the maggi (learned people who study the stars or astrologers) as kings. They aren't. Anyway, our parish priest explained in a very funny way how going to manghuhulas, reading your horoscope, doing feng shui etc. is definitely something that's not true because nobody can predict your future. Only God knows where you're really headed.

I couldn't help but look back at the time I used to rely on how my day would go by reading my horoscope. Pati horoscope ng "Libre"! I know it's pathetic. I always went through a couple of self-help books, but was generally dissatisfied and wanting. I guess I was lost back then. I had a lot of unanswered questions and eventually realized that I just made a lot of bad decisions. 

So, I started to pray to St. Jude who is known to be the patron saint of the impossible cause. I found his prayer in one of my Mom's prayer books and prayed it every night. I did not really know what I wanted, but just kept praying. Eventually I found myself reading Bo Sanchez' books and and that gave me some direction. 

I realized back then that you just really have to let God be your navigator and no one else. I still read the horoscope once in a while just for fun. I just usually shrug it off because I know if I want to have a great day it's up to me and no one else. 

Happy Sunday everybody! And happy new year once again! (I'm not going to greet "Happy Three Kings" since our parish priest might read this and bonk me on the head).