Monday, December 29, 2008

An Apple a Day on ABS-CBN "Upload"

I dozed off after watching a few segments of "Upload" on ABS-CBN last night since I was quite tired from the trip to Tagaytay yesterday. I was quite curious about the show since I was contacted earlier this month by ABS-CBN News, they wanted to interview me about a video I uploaded in my Youtube channel. I've been terribly shy about getting interviewed and have been shying away from it for more than 2 years now. 

Anyway, I was awakened by a call (and loads of text messages) at around 11:30 p.m.. Sweetie said that the spoof of the McDo TVC we did a few months ago was shown in the feature. I was mortified! Among all the videos I have online, it's the one video that I've wanted to delete for many reasons.  (Well this video was directed by my bestfriend, I edited it).

I dunno though if I should be happy or not about my video getting shown on TV. I feel embarrassed. I'm not mad that it was shown on TV (they could've told me though since they already contacted me, grrrr!), I'm just really embarrassed since I wasn't ready for it. My friends said that it was okay and quite funny and that the video was clear. Right. And one of my friends said that he watched it via TFC. 


Yeah, yeah, I'll probably get over it after a few days. 

But until then I think I'm going to bury my head first like an ostrich.