Friday, December 26, 2008

The Christmas I Got Slapped

Our parish priest was an hour late for mass on Christmas morning. He was the only priest left in our parish since all the others went home to their families. Martyr po siya. He said he just wanted them to be happy that's why he allowed them to go, so he ended up tending to all the masses in the parish. He's still quite young that's why he can handle everything, but he gives the best sermon (and we usually spend about 90 minutes in Church with him every Sunday). It's like being slapped every single week, and I mean that in a positive way.

Today (since I'm still up even though it's the 26th already) he gave a very important reminder that Christmas is not about YOU. It's not about sulking in your room singing Pasko na Sinta Ko or ranting to your best friend that your still a member ofSMC (Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko). Or for those who are sad because their loved ones are away. Christmas is not about that, it's all about Jesus. His birth. His coming. His BIRTHDAY! 

See that's why I feel like I'm being slapped awake whenever I get a chance to listen to Fr. Ramon's homily. All these years I had mistakenly equated Christmas with MY own happiness. There was even a time I dreaded Christmas coz I was also a member of the SMC and was just plain unhappy with how things were going in my life. 

Fr. Ramon proceeded to tell us that during Christmas you HAVE to be happy. Because you have EVERY RIGHT to be happy. It's the time to celebrate His birth. Remember when you were a kid how happy and excited you were. Helping Mom decorate. Eating half the food in the kitchen even before it's served. Staying up waiting for Santa Claus. Going to Cubao to watch the puppet show/display on the mall's frontage (it's in Greenhills now). Driving down Ayala just to see the lights. Learning how to wrap gifts. Carolling. 

When I was a kid everyone in our street put an effort in placing Christmas lights and lanterns. The number has been dwindling through the years. And I think only about 3 to 4 houses placed Christmas lights outside (we almost didn't). Fr. Ramon said it just goes to show that people have forgotten what Christmas is for. 

I was teary eyed when we stood up to sing "Angels we have Heard on High" once again. I felt like a huge burden was taken off my shoulders. I finally realized what Christmas is really for. 

Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you for being there despite all my you-know


Oh and Fr. Ramon saluted all the couples who attended the mass together. I noticed that most of those who attended mass this morning were indeed senior citizen couples who are still very much together after all these years. That's one of my dreams. 

Here's my Mom and Dad on Christmas Day. They will be celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary next weekend.  

And this is me just being a kid again.

I hope I managed to make my boys really happy this Christmas. One got a gadget (a pen tablet and I guess I'll blog about it over at YGT). The other one got this uber cool Optimus Prime die cast thingy (original Transformers and not from the movie, collector's item the clerk said, I'm glad my best friend's husband helped me get it). 

And guess who got it! Merry Christmas!