Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Winners of the Delifrance Couture Tray Contest

Judging is really a difficult task. I did not expect to have so many entries for this mini-contest I did for Delifrance. Anyway, here are the winners:

Because mayonnaise is my life.
Manuel Quezon III, a Philippe
*I love mayonnaise too!

I love anything with chicken. I can eat chicken anytime, any day, prepared any way. That's why I'm a Cherie. Bok! Bok! Bok! Bok! :D
Fitz Villafuerte, a Cherie *The "Bok-Bok-Bok" made me laugh.

A Philippe is a comforting person if personified. After a hard day's work, or after a depressing day at school or work, you just want to reward yourself with all things creamy and indulgent. What with a tuna onion mayo clubhouse and beef stroganoff pasta, how can you go wrong? I believe that I am a comforting person like these foods not just because i give the meanest and best bear hugs in my side of town, but just like these dishes, i am not afraid to indulge.
Illin Rodriguez, a Philippe
*I absolutely love bear hugs!

I'm a water element--I probably spent most days of my past life, either as a person who actually lived in the water or someone who simply enjoyed being near the water.
In another past life, I was probably Italian. I can actually feel dining in Italy's finest restaurants, savouring the delicious taste of tomato in my pasta. I'm definitely and Amelia!... =)
Joy Mesina-Bahia, an Amelia
*I also wonder sometimes who would I have been in my past life.

Brainy and good for the heart, like a tuna, is what I am.
Zaida Angelita Lazaro, a Philippe

I'm talkative as a chicken and can be flavorful as a garlic.
Rolando Marlon Makayan, a Cherie
*LOL at "talkative as a chicken"

I am an Amelia –French of Emily, lovely is a name such as Amelia… and lovely a mother I wish to be. The seafood deluxe clubhouse rested so royal on the plate with a portion of pasta arranged neatly next to it. Between bites of clubhouse and pasta, a drizzle of flavors and texture cascaded like waterfalls.
Jane Chua, an Amelia

I’d be a Cherie, probably. I come across as unapproachable to people who don’t know me but I’m actually very uncomplicated… as versatile as chicken with a punch like garlic, hahaha!
Rowena Wendy Lei,a Cherie

I am not Henri, I am Aethen but since a set with half a Premiere Clubhouse and half Shrimp Pesto Pasta taste super "Henri-fically" delicious that it made me forget my name but Henri. Why? It is because of the best part set - the crispy bacon in the sandwich and the plumb and juicy shrimp in the pasta. Superb. - Henri
Mark Aethen Agana, a Henri

I am born in the year of the Rooster and I like to eat chicken so much, as in cooked chicken. Hehe! And since I like more garlic on my dishes, I am choosing Cherie to best describe myself.
Nicely, Cherie

Congratulations! A representative of Geiser Maclang shall get in touch with you for your prize. Thanks for joining.

Here are the other entries.

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