Saturday, October 11, 2008


I honestly had no idea what to expect when Blogie invited me to see the animation studio of "Dayo". I was so busy during that time and just checked my calendar if I was available and said, "I'll go!" And I asked if I could bring the Sweetie and the little man. So I dragged Miguel out of his bed last Saturday morning so we could prepare for the 10 a.m. "call time".

I did not get enough sleep, but I immediately perked up when we started the studio tour. Miguel immediately left my side and I saw him observing intently what the animators were doing (and he promptly asked if we could get something like it! Uh-oh). Anyway, it was a great experience since it was my first time in an animation studio and it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling to witness the making of the first-ever full-digital Filipino animation, Dayo.

Here's my video blog about it -

And here's the trailer of Dayo -

Of course, photos from the tour!

Watch Dayo in December during the Manila Film Fest!