Saturday, January 26, 2008


Tulala, is there a one-word direct translation? Normally when one says "I'm tulala" it means you are in a daze, staring off in space. I think I might say that's what I've been feeling lately. I've been updating most of my niche blogs (TWP, Tales of the Moonless Sky and Lakwatsera Ako), but not An Apple a Day. Sometimes I get the urge to blog here in the middle of the night but I'm usually too sleepy or lazy to get up and turn on Happy to blog.

The blogger bug has bitten me again, affecting my muse and I guess I've just been exhausted the past while, but I do have tall tales to tell about my travels. I've done at least 10 planes rides for this month alone and I'm not yet done.

I miss my basement :p

PS My 7 year old (now 49) dog died yesterday =( I remember I made him a famous, exotic dog when I was in the US. How? My colleagues were all bragging about the breeding of their dogs and I said I have the best breed of all, "I have an askal!" Namangha sila lahat! Hehehe. I only admitted that Patch was a streetdog after they dissected his ancestry. Hihihihi.

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