Friday, January 11, 2008


I planned this weekend vacation over two months ago. I may be traveling a lot, but it's always hectic because of work. I just get lucky when I get a chance to snap a photo of a tourist spot whenever I'm in transit, so you can just imagine how happy I was that I managed to go on a weekend getaway (more details of my trip can be found at Lakwatsera Ako).

Sheer joy!

There's lots to do in Boracay. You can go island hopping for approximately PhP1,500 (did that on a past trip), para-sailing for about PhP200 (I already get scared when the water turns deep blue), go around Boracay by renting a motorcyle, we chose to walk around and explored where Station 1 ends -

The end of Station 1.

At the end of Station 1 there's a pathway with 2 shallow caves on the side which also shows a fabulous view of the Boracay beach from Stations 1 to 3.

The edge of Boracay.

The turn isn't for the weak of heart (and knees). I felt like I was walking at the edge of a cliff. Good thing the drop's not that high, but the water below was shallow so I kept close to the rock.

Diniwid Beach after the turn.

Of course, next to swimming, the next best thing to do in Boracay is... eat! I think I gained at least 3 pounds in 4 days. We were rushing on our first night because we wanted to watch the PBB big night (I actually watched TV during Christmas!) and so we just got some take-out at Guilly's Island (ate there again the night before we went home). Other notable restos were Jonah's Fruitshakes, Bite Club, and Mang Inasal (there are branches nationwide).

The first two times I went to Boracay was because of work. One was for a photo-shoot (and good thing my photo did not end up in a huge billboard just outside of Kalibo Airport, now that would've been really hilarious, whew!) and the other trip was because of a training. And I remember that I was not able to go swimming at all in those trips on Boracay's powdery-white sand beach. I just love walking on it since it never heats up. I got to stay at a posh resort on Station 1 during my first trip and tried out the economy resorts at Station 2 on the second trip. I'd say the best place I've stayed so far is where I stayed on this trip - at Sur. My good friend Sorsi made arrangements for my stay at Sur.

I like staying at Station 1 even though it's quite far from D'Mall and all the other establishments. I grew up going to our deserted beach place in Bicol every year and got used to not having people around. I'm not fond of crowds either. Staying at Sur gave me the chance to rest and relax.

The instant I saw the lobby of Sur I knew I was going to like it there. The interiors were decorated with Philippine-made furniture and they even had a sungka on the tables. I could sit there all day and blog (they have free wifi!). The lobby also had a very good view of the beachfront and I really liked the canopy that framed the view perfectly (I wanted to run to the beach even before going up my room).

I think I must have spent a total of more than 45 nights in hotel rooms last year (I've lost count) and I've had my fair share of nightmarish accommodations (check out my ghost blog). Sur certainly exceeded my expectations - the fluffy pillows and heaven-sent bed sealed the deal. I'd say the place is perfect for families, romantic getaways and travelers who want to rejuvenate themselves (you can get a full-body massage for just PhP350!). And they don't just serve the regular silogs for breakfast.

And because I got so inspired, I put together this really simple video tour of Sur -

I'd surely stay again at Sur when I go back to Boracay!

How to get to Boracay (from Kalibo Airport):

1. Ride the orange tricycle and tell the driver to bring you to the van station for Caticlan near La Esperanza Hotel). Cost: PhP80.
2. Ride the van to Caticlan. The trip would take about 90 minutes. Cost: PhP100/person.
3. At the port pay the following: environmental fee (PhP50), terminal fee (PhP50), ferry (PhP19.50).
4. Just take the tricycle to your resort/hotel upon arrival at the Boracay port. Cost: PhP80 - 100.


  1. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Hey Mare, you're welcome=)
    I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip at nasulit mo=) Love the vids...meron din bang private vids?=P haha!

    Next time ulit=)

  2. @sorsi - private vids huh, wala eh, lahat ng na-video ko of Boracay is already on my Youtube account. Di ko naisip yun ha :p

  3. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Hi Aileen! This is Sorsi's friend James. Glad you enjoyed Sur and thanks for the video! Hope we'll see you there again some day =)

  4. @jampackedbear - thanks so much James! =)

  5. Anonymous10:40 AM

    this might prove to be useful when I travel on my own. Though the main beach of Boracay is not really my kind of beach because of the noise, I like the sand and water. Cebu beaches are just as nice but the sand is full of sea shells which hurt the feet.

  6. Hi, I was amazed at the price you got for parasailing in Boracay. It's 200/head for 15 mins up on air? Can I know where you got your rate so we can inquire as well? I'm going to Boracay next month. Thank you for the help =)

  7. @aj - ahhh the parasailing thingy, you just ask around manongs by the seashore. they usually follow you around :D

  8. hey! i've added your lakwatsera blog to my blogroll.

    I just need to clarify what you wrote here. Para-sailing is P200? For real?

    I've plans to go soon and do that. Really?
    WOW!! NICE!!

  9. Nice to come there at Boracay
    You can visit also
    Good day!^_^

  10. wahaha! 200 pesos for parasailing?! weeeeeeeee!!! im getting more excited going to boracay! it may be the nearest and cheapest alternative to what i really want, (sky diving)! hehehe!

  11. hi sa po kau ng parasailing ng 200 pesos lang po??kc ppunta rin po kmi s hahanap po kmi ng murang parasailing eh..pls pki inform nmn po ako kng san dun??or kung anu po ang name..salamat po..

  12. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Wow ang ganda naman sa boracay, Maganda ba talaga sa sur? Maganda mga adventure dyan. Nagtry kaba ng mga adventure sa boracay?

    Tanya Gemarin

  13. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I think this price is impossible to get.The cheapest rates are around 1200 pesos.The company can not even pay the gasoline for the boat for this price.

    1. I see the pictures of the cliff and remember, after I had an accident there, it was promised to improve the situation.