Friday, March 8, 2024

Homemade Cat Food

Thank you to my HS classmate, Jing, for teaching me how to make homemade cat food. I know it's healthier to give cats wet food, but it's expensive. I had to learn how to make it at home so our cats could eat healthier. 

The vet said Brimsley had deficiencies when she had her first blood test. That was when I really pushed to make homemade cat food. We gave her meds and homemade cat food to ready her for spaying. Well, she was really healthy because she immediately got pregnant and produced two more kittens, haha. She's now been spayed, as well as Mando and Grogu. We're now just waiting for the two kittens to weigh a bit more and then we'll bring them back to the vet. 

Anyway, Jing taught me various ways to make cat food. She said she normally uses fish. We tried that once, but found out that buying fish is quite expensive. I also honestly do not know how to debone a fish, so after the first time we have been using chicken and appropriate veggies to make cat food. 

I finally remembered how to film how we made it. This time around we used chicken liver, gizzard, squash and carrots. So far the cats love whatever we make. They also like the broth, so I normally add a lot of water so they also drink soup. It was the broth that saved Meredith when she first came to us. She had dystocia and could barely eat. Miggy gave her soup and soon enough she was back to her sassy self. 

Here's how we made the most recent batch of cat food:

More about how to make it at

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