Thursday, July 7, 2022

Throwback Thursday: Ice Scramble Memories

I craved for chicken wings after watching a travel vlog. I randomly saw that the shop was also selling ice scramble. It's been decades since I last had ice scramble, so I added it to the order. Got busy while waiting for delivery and forgot I got it. Only remembered when I saw it on the fridge and Miggy said it was on the receipt, haha. Then I remembered what it was. 

I was surprised when I saw it had a lot of add ons. It had tiny marshmallows, chocolate chips, cream cheese, chocolate syrup and pearls. I used to buy ice scramble often from the street vendor outside the school gate. I think it was just one peso or two pesos back then. It was just pink juice with crushed ice. Manang usually added a teaspoon of powdered milk. 

I would normally put my bag in the school bus and then go down again to buy snacks. Ice scramble is a refreshing snack. I drank it while waiting for my busmates to arrive. Just saw many recipes on how to make ice scramble, maybe I'll try making some one of these days. I'll probably just make the drink and won't put the add ons. 

It was nice to try ice scramble again. I split the order with Sweetie and Miggy so they could try. Sweetie said he used to buy it with his classmates. Miggy can't remember if they had it in their school. Ice scramble brings back warm, fuzzy memories of hot afternoons waiting in the school bus. 

Did you have the same drink in your school? 

P.S. I stopped buying it from the vendor when I saw a coin drop in the styro box. She continued selling! Eeeeep! Well, I never had food poisoning from anything I bought from the street vendors, so I guess it was okay hehe. 

#BeSafe #StaySafe

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