Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Quilt Blankets I Made for Friends

I finally found the first quilt blanket I made. It was a baby blanket I hand-sewed just before Miggy was born. It was my Mom though who finished the process since she was more knowledgeable in binding than me. When I took up quilting again I realized my knowledge was incomplete. 

I took up quilting again I think in 2014 or 2015. I told myself I had to learn how to finish a quilt. Every project I started had to have a learning goal. I also wanted to make friends happy. In 2019 one of my favorite colleagues was about to give birth to a miracle baby. Armed with my rainbow fabric collection, I embarked on making a baby quilt. I sewed everything by hand and I was still sewing it when I went to Syndey. Luckily, I was able to finish it before I left and I gave it to her in between the events we were hosting. She has since sent me many photos of her baby playing on the quilt. 

The quilt wasn't perfect, but was made with love. I was a few months into making the Harry Potter quilt blanket for friends who just got married. For this quilt I wanted to improve on my stitching and piecing corners. I also wanted to use a sewing machine for piecing the bigger parts of the quilt. The small parts of the quilt were all sewn in-flight. It reached Australia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. It took me two years to finish it since I got so busy in 2020. I finally sent it to Canada last year. 

Before I went back home I had this great idea I could make multiple quilts by using short cuts. I wanted to learn the shortcut to making pinwheel quilts. I told myself, ahhh maybe I can make two blankets. I ended up making four and gifted it to my friends in Singapore. 

Another friend got a different version of the Harry Potter quilt blanket. For this I followed a design from a book. Miggy helped me with the colors. 

Of course, I made baby quilts for my favorite doctors. I made two versions of it. By this time I was  quite confident at machine sewing. I slowly moved to machine quilting while making the blankets. I had to because I was starting to get pains in my arm haha. I enjoyed making the blankets for my doctors. My cardiologist has been sending me cute photos of him using it. 

Oversized lap quilt blanket for my cardiologist.

Lap quilt for my respiratory doctor.

I can't believe I made 8 baby blankets last year and I haven't even finished any this year. Well, I hope to finish my t-shirt memory quilt soon! 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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