Monday, July 11, 2022

Home on Mondays: Emergency Pest Control at Home

Following the discovery of coptotermes (the nastiest house termites) in our home, we SOS'd our suking pest control company. It was end of day Saturday when we pinged them. They immediately scheduled a crew to inspect the next business day. They came Monday afternoon and checked the whole property for pests.

Priority was given to the kitchen where we saw the termites. The crew confirmed it and mentioned it was the nastiest of all common house termites. Sweetie said they picked up one and showed it to him. The tiny critter immediately bit on Mark. Not physically painful for humans, but painful for the wallet to do pest control, lol. We also reported the extraordinary number of ants we've been encountering, mosquitoes and wrigglies. Luckily we've only seen very few roaches and no Mickeys. 

Kuya Glenn working in the magic potion.

They said it was a good thing we did not attempt to DIY controlling the pests. We said we didn't want to because we thought they might just run to another area in our home. They noted that the termites came from the pocket garden. Maybe came in through the abang that was made for the heater I was planning to install in the kitchen. They said the termites likely came from the dead tree across the street. When the termites run out of food they normally travel up to 50 meters to find a new area. 

Dealing with the ants. The ant baits we've been putting helped, but they kept coming back.
They later on fumigated also to take care of other insects.

The crew serviced our home the whole day yesterday. The first session usually takes longer because they also have to put baits to determine the level of infestation. Aside from the termites they also took care of the ants and the wrigglies. They reassured us that the birds and other wildlife in our area will not be affected (I hope pollinators too). They treated the perimeter first and then went inside after lunch. They explained it's best to treat the perimeter first so they die even before they get out of our property. 

Bait to determine extent of infestation. They'll come back in 2 weeks to check it.
They added a secret sauce in it to attract the termites. 

This was one thing we were not expecting to do this early in our new home. The contractor said this is the first time they have encountered this in any of their projects. Still good that we discovered it sooner than later and we've been working with a reliable pest control company. They have been serving our childhood homes. If you need to contact a pest control company we recommend Pixa Corporation. Thanks Ms. Myna for introducing us to Ms. Jojo!

Next week: Kitchen cabinets wishlist

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