Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Old Blogging Days

I've been blogging now for more than 15 years. I started on Friendster and eventually moved to Blogger. I still use Blogger because it's easy to use and I never have to worry about back-end stuff. It's also been easy for me to find old posts. In the event I decide to stop blogging I could easily take it out and keep an archive of everything I've written. 

I've been blogging everyday since 2020. It started as a 30-day challenge which I try to do at the beginning of the year. I blog everyday to keep my mind active. My doctors were worried I'd deteriorate after being forced to slow down. They made me promise to keep my brain working, so I blog. 

I miss the old blogging days. I gained a lot of new friends back then. My involvement with the community started when SM Hypermarket asked if I could invite bloggers to try out their new resto, Taste Asia. It was supposed to be a small group, but ballooned to over a hundred bloggers. We had a few of those parties, but I eventually disengaged when it felt it was becoming too commercial. The parteehs was where I gained a lot of new friends across the country. 

My blogger friends were the ones who organized the original Philippine Blogger Awards. It ran for a couple of years and grew because of the support of some brands. It was fun, but it was really hard to organize and andaming tsismis! Hahaha. There were a lot of blogger events. There was iBlog, blogfests across the country, DFAT and many meetups. Those days were enriching since you can learn so much from other bloggers. 

Jayvee had an idea to collate photos, so I thought I'd start some albums where other bloggers can add their photos. Here are some:

Blog parteeh/Makati meet-up, January 2007

Philippine Blog Awards, March 2007

Davao Blog Parteeh, March 2007


Taste Asia Blog Parteeh 1, July 2007

Digitalfilipino Emerging Influential Blogs, August 2007

Taste Asia Blog Parteeh 2, August 2007

Come as Your Blog Parteeh, April 2008


Digitalfilipino Emerging Influential Blogs, August 2008

*Let me know if you have an album of an old blog event where you want people to contribute to and I'll add it here :)

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