Saturday, May 28, 2022

Free Septic Tank Cleaning by Maynilad!

Woke up while dreaming because the doorbell was ringing. Peeked out of the window and greeted manong. He said Maynilad was offering free septic tank desludging service. They've been going around our neighborhood the past week and was hoping they'd visit us too. I said yes and the Maynilad truck rolled in after a few seconds. Instant pala!

Our new home is a renovated old home. We realized after moving that there's a lot of things we need to know about our home. Good thing the contractor showed us where the septic tank is located. We had a very traumatic experience in our first home (story here). Just remembering what transpired makes me cringe. I immediately said yes to manong since I have no idea when the septic tank was last cleaned. 

I know that the septic tank should be desludged every 5 years, so it's best to get it done whenever Maynilad offers the service. It's free anyway. The crew were very patient in trying to open the septic tank cover. They eventually recommended to drill a hole since the cover was stuck. Good thing they had the means to do it. Soon enough they did the procedure. Boring a hole took a long time, but they finished everything in about 30 minutes.

Sweetie found some leftover cement and the crew took care of covering the hole. They recommended to change it with a septic tank lid so it will be easier to service next time. We'll add it to our long to-do list. I'm just glad we got this done today. I don't want to deal with the same issue we had in our first rented home (we moved out in less than a year from that home because it had so many issues). And since Maynilad is going around our neighborhood, I requested them to visit my Mom's home also since there was unknown dirt coming out of the basement bathroom when it flooded.  

You can check when Maynilad is doing desludging services in your area through their website or you can call them too at 1626. If you miss the Maynilad service, you can just opt to get a company to do it for you. 

Just a friendly reminder to check your home's septic tank (do this whether you own or rent your home)! Why? Read my blog post from 12 years ago. What we went through will make you cry. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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