Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Who Should We Love?

I've had my brows raised for two days now because of what a politician~athlete said about LGBTs. It's so painful I don't want to repeat it here so please just do your own research about it (using Google!). I've been a fan of this person for the accolades he earned from his sport, but that's just about it. I struggle though with everything else he does.

The golden rule is to "Love they neighbor". I remember this because no one in our class was able to answer this question in our of our religion tests. We were then studying the 10 Commandments. We had to memorize it for our exam, but no one in our class was able to answer the question, "What is the golden rule?" So this has been stuck in my head since I was a kid.

I know that the older generation was made to believe that being a LGBT is wrong in so many ways. I questioned that because I do not see any difference. I think it is also wrong to label them as LGBT because they're people just like everyone else. And as a Christian the golden rule is to love thy neighbor so we shouldn't be passing judgment, much less comparing other people to other living objects.

Following the Golden Rule I think is the best guideline of all. Love, love, love!

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