Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So we all thought that typhoon Basyang was one of those mahinhin ones. By midnight she was battering our home like how a Gargantuar does it on Plants vs. Zombies. We all thought wrong (except Pag-asa of course).

Winds from typhoon Basyang woke me at around midnight. I woke Sweetie up and told him there was a helicopter hovering above our house. He said it was just probably the wind and promptly went back to sleep. I peeked outside the window and saw trees dancing wildly. I also saw flashlights bobbing up and down from within neighbor's houses. And then I heard the sound of a metal sheet (yero) flapping around.

Eventually Sweetie got up and closed the windows. It was either we get wet or we feel warm. The winds got muffled a bit and that was the time I finally fell asleep. I know there are far worse typhoons but when I still lived in my basement most of it were muffled (like Ondoy) and I just usually slept through it. I guess this will be my life for now, sleeping beside a window.

*will add photo later