Thursday, July 15, 2010

Isumbong ang Taxi Driver na Yan!

I've been planning to make this form for at least 2 years now, but I've always managed to calm down after a bad taxi ride experience. Coming from the LCF Expo this afternoon I experienced another taas kilay incident. If you ride taxis as much as I do there are usually three things that would irk you:

(1) Taxi driver won't take you to your destination (this is usually followed by a passionate door slam)
(2) Taxi driver will ask you for additional surcharge before you get in, or
(3) Taxi driver will ask you for additional surcharge once you're inside the cab

And then usually the taxi driver would either:

(1) Tell his sob story about how hard it is to be a taxi driver
(2) Rant about the traffic and its bad effects on their earnings

You get it worse if you are a foreigner since some taxi drivers would charge exorbitant amounts (I experienced this once when I was with 2 guests from abroad).

So I thought I'd finally put together this form and find a way how to get it to the proper authority. I've been riding cabs for more than ten years now and nothing has changed. Tsk tsk tsk.


P.S. If you are from the LTFRB I know you have this form but I'm not really sure if it works. I reported a bad incident once and I was told that I was going to get a report, but I never did.


  1. That's why I don't like riding taxis. Other than the fact that I easily get dizzy in taxis, I don't like the unnecessary drama. I also hate it when the driver wants to make small talk with you. If he could just read my mind, it would say "I'm concentrating on something else and it's not you."

    Great idea for reporting irritating taxi drivers !

  2. @Jay hopefully may mangyari nga Sweetie =)

  3. I hate to sound sexist but taxi drivers in this country also have this misplaced sense of chivalry. For some reason, many of them would also prefer female passengers over male passengers, as if we men are not in a hurry, too or don't tip as well as women.

    In other countries, it's first hail, first serve, regardless of destination, age and sex. All should be fair in love and yes, taxicabs. ;D

  4. This is perfect! I'm sharing this in our fan page and linking back to this post in our blog (Phil Customer Service). I'd love to get the results if you don't mind sharing. :-)

  5. @Edwin well... kaya usually ako taga-flag ng taxi kapag kasama ko boys ko. Haaaayz.

    @Jam sure, please do :)

  6. I feel you. Question is, does the LTFRB even have the capacity to act on each case? I'm also wondering whether these cabbies do go through due process. I mean, it's always a "He said, She said" scenario right? What about proof/evidence?

    Justice for both commuters and/or cabbies in this country? Highly unlikely. But I hope it changes soon.

  7. There is one thing that taxi drivers are fond of doing: not giving back your change. Whenever I ride a cab I make it a point to have loose change so I can give him the exact amount of fare.