Sunday, March 11, 2007


One of the things I enjoy in my work is being exposed to other cultures. I remember a few weeks ago I was on break with the other CCs and we were all on the phone. One was talking in Thai, the other Urdu, then Vietnamese, Malay and I was wailing to my best friend in Filipino. A few months ago we used to put our calls on loudspeaker and we'd try to decipher what the conversation is about. I usually understood Francisco's LQ with his girlfriend in Spanish.

One of the things we talked about is "gimmicking". In Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia it's basically the same with what we do. Friday night after office drinking sprees or weekend dinners with friends at a resto or home.

I wonder though if they have the tabing kalye chill. The band of bloggers were at Markku's birthday bash last night. It was a typical Pinoy birthday bash with Markku's friends, Markku's brother's and and sister's friends, friends of his parents, relatives, neighbors etc. There were many, many guests so Abe, Jayvee, Sasha, Rico, Marc, Sharms, Gail and husband Marc, and I took over the frontage for some very Pinoy tambay gimmick.

Photo taken by Rico using Abe's cam: