Sunday, March 11, 2007

Achooo! Kill that Virus!

I have been a bit sick the whole week. My tonsils have been sore and I've been a bit feverish. It's because of the heat and probably overfatigue from work and the short vacay I had last weekend. I haven't been completely cured, but the few doses of meds I've been taking the past few days have helped. That's the virus in me. Achooooo!

I've been lucky with my PC so far. The last time I got a virus on it was when my friend used it to check a few ahem, ahem websites. I didn't know! A few days after that my computer crashed and off I went to have my PC doctor, Ting, fix it. Good thing he managed to recover all my files and put my PC back in shape.

I haven't seen my PC doctor for quite some time now. He's been busy and the anti-virus software he installed a few months ago expired already. I've been scouting for a new one to try out and a good friend told me about NOD32 Anti-Virus System. I hope it's going to be good or else I have to hunt down Ting to check up on my PC soon!

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  1. Hi there,

    Why not use a freeware antivirus?

    Most of them work as well as the commercial ones.

    There's Avast!, AVG, ClamAV, and some more. They have frequent online updates as well.