Monday, February 19, 2007

Why You Should Get a MBA Degree

I enrolled in graduate school just a year after I finished college. I was bored and I felt I needed to because I felt my undergraduate degrees, AB-Political Science and BS-Legal Management, were not enough to get me into product management. Yup, I only found out what I really wanted to do when I was already working for Smart Communications, Inc. I saw what the product managers were doing and I wanted to be their slave just so I could learn how to be one. But, I enrolled in grad school instead.

My Ate and Kuya also went in grad school. My Ate went to the University of Virginia and my Kuya went to the Asian Institute of Management. They were both scholars. They were the ones who inspired me to get a MBA degree myself. Inasmuch as I am the latak and I'm way behind my siblings, I think one should get an MBA degree for the following reasons:

1. Learn to be Disciplined - you have to accept the fact that you won't have a social life for at least 2 years. With all the case studies and readings you have to go through, stepping out for a drink even for just a little while is detrimental to your grade. Getting grilled during class is something you have to face every single day. You wouldn't want to get caught with your pants down do you?

2. Knowledge - you will have professors you love, and you will get some you hate. But whatever pole they are in you better make sure you learn something from them. I hated finance, but I have to admit I am thankful I went through it in grad school. Learning to do projections and understanding financial statements is an important part of business. Getting an MBA also teaches you how to think out of the box.

3. Acquire People Skills - you meet a lot of people everyday and it's not enough that you just say hi or hello, you have to learn to connect with them. I was really, really shy when I first started out, but my professors kept telling me I had to get out of my shell - sayang naman daw. While taking your MBA you will be forced to interact with your classmates, debate with them and eventually you will learn that arguing is not always a personal thing.

4. Get More Confidence - as I said I was really shy. I hated doing presentations. I actually graduated and I was still shy, but I had to get out of my shell to be an effective product manager. Eventually, I gained confidence because I had the knowledge. It was a matter of getting more kapal ng mukha.

5. Get Ahead - in the company I used to work for, I was the only person with a MBA degree (aside from the president), and I guess because I managed to acquire the skill of seeing things out of the box when I got my MBA, this helped me move forward in my career. I don't think the company I'm working for now would've given me the chance if I didn't have a MBA degree.

So, get your MBA degree and enjoy the perks and benefits of being a nerd, I mean being a graduate. :)


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Having an MBA is an asset. When I took my MBA 25 years ago, I thought I needed it for added credentials for my work. But priorities changed. When the kids came, I didn't want to be employed anymore. A business was what I really wanted in order to attain financial freedom. The thing is MBA helped me with my business model and marketing strategies. It's very useful even if one is innvoled om corporate , government or entreprenurship field.

    And yes, my social life was at its peak. That's the bonus. :)

  2. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Interesting. I mean, the reasons you gave are generic enough to be applicable not just to MBA's, and are more of an endorsement along the lines of: if you're gonna do something, work at it and do it well.

    As a for instance, early on when I started studying music, I practiced really hard and often. As a result I 1.) learned discipline, 2.) acquired knowledge, 3.) improved my people skills, 4.) boosted my confidence and 5.) got ahead because I was better than some who didn't practice.

    The only difference being that I still had one hell of a social life *LOL*

  3. Oh one thing I learned too late... never take your MBA with your SO! :p

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Hi there, I have been toying with the idea of getting an MBA and here you are practically selling th eidea to me - it must be Providence. lol

    Do you have a suggestion where I can get my MBA (preferrably cheap)? Is it bad to take it via correspondence?