Sunday, February 18, 2007

Think Rich Pinoy!

Last Saturday I attended the Think Rich Pinoy seminar hosted by Dr. Larry Gamboa and Bo Sanchez.

I heard about the seminar through Bo Sanchez' website, but was prodded by a friend to attend the seminar. I got curious, so I attended the workshop.

Bo Sanchez was inspiring as usual even though he was just on video. What struck me was his message, "Money is not bad. God doesn't mind you having money. But He minds money having you." Very true indeed. He also mentioned that you should have an objective for earning. He said he wanted to earn more because he wanted to give more (he shares 40% of his income to his causes). He said don't get stuck at "just getting enough", go for "more than enough". True true! And that you should work on with whatever skills you have learned in the past and move from there.

After Bo's talk, there were lots of points raised by Dr. Gamboa and the other speakers. But what I remember most is learning how to handle your money. It shouldn't be - cash in, cash out for expenses, savings. It should be - cash in, forced savings, cash out for expenses.

Every year I make a cash flow projection (now that sounds really nerdy). But even though I've never followed it, it's nice to make one. I do a monthly projection of my income, expenses and savings so I can project if I am on the right track. But Larry said you have to SAVE, SAVE, and SAVE and you have to make other income streams. Be it passive or active.

With that, I think I'm going to shuffle over and re-do this year's projections and find additional passive income streams aside from Adsense.

For the attendees, please click the photo below to see more photos.

Join the Think Rich Pinoy Googlegroups. Just go to and search for the "Think Rich Pinoy" group.


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  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    gamboa in the pic? he looked different from his appearance on Bo's Preacher in Blue Jeans show.

    loved the Think Rich, Pinoy. i've haven't played cashflow 101 yet, though.

  3. Hi! Have you heard of Larry Gamboa's Think Rich Pinoy Seminar? You're invited to attend on May 19,2007 - in Makati.
    If you're out of the country, then - hope you can blog about it! :)

    Visit for details.

    P.S. Bo Sanchez will make a special surprise appearance there! So see you

  4. hello! i came across your post and wanted to share my own experience with think rich pinoy. i read the book, attended the seminar and now happily a think rich pinoy franchisee (larry's student). to date (about 7 months since the seminar) i have successfully flipped a house and lot, and bought and sold a townhouse all with larry and the team's guidance. and now im working on 3 properties, hopefully sell it in the next few weeks. i owe it all to larry, the seminar, bo (my spiritual adviser) and to rich dad :-) good luck on your deals!