Saturday, June 17, 2023

Plantita Saturdays: Trying to Grow Mustasa Again

Finding good mustasa in the grocery has been frustrating. If there's any, they're usually so small. The veggie stands in our village haven't been selling them too. I tried growing them last year, but things went haywire when we had renovations done. I think also it didn't get enough sunlight where I placed it. 

I bought a new pack of Ramgo mustasa seeds since I think the ones I got from other sources aren't that good. I've always been more successful when I use Ramgo seeds. Planted them just before typhoon Chedeng hit. I let the seeds propagate in the garage and they soon started popping out. 

After a week, some of the sprouts were about 3 inches. They were leaning already, trying to find more sun probably. Found time to transplant them yesterday. I mixed loam soil with some organic fertilizer and coco peat. I hope that would be a good mix for the mustasa to thrive.

Now I just to need to make sure to water it properly, then feed it some fertilizer in a month. I potted them in fours and will just transplant if they all grow. Normally there would be some spoilage. I hope I'd be able to have multiple pots of mustasa. If I have a lot I can always harvest and give some to my friends. It's good with beef and sinigang

Hope to have a good harvest!

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